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2100HT-221V-RC 2138 High Current Toroid Inductors

2100HT-221V-RC 2138 High Current Toroidal DIP Inductor is a passive electronic device widely used in electronic circuits. It is an insulated coil that is a wire wound on a ring-shaped form that is made of different materials, such as powdered iron, ferrite, or another material.

A toroidal inductor is mostly used where large inductance is required. Toroidal inductors have more inductance per turn and can carry more current than solenoids with a core of similar material and size


  1. Tuning circuits.
  2. Sensors.
  3. Store energy in a device.
  4. Induction motors.
  5. Transformers.
  6. Filters.
  7. Chokes.
  8. Ferrite beads

Note: Actual product can vary from the shown image


  1. High-temperature rating up to +200 °C
  2. Low magnetic radiation
  3. High current capacity
  4. Horizontal or vertical mount available
  5. Low cost
  6. Operating temperature: -55 to +200 °C

Packages Includes: 

1 x 2100HT-221V-RC 2138 High Current Toroid Inductors

950.00 1,100.00

  1. Part Number: 2100HT-221V-RC 2138
  2. Series: 22HT00
  3. Inductance Frequencyt: 1 kHz
  4. Mounting Type: Through Hole
  5. Mounting Type: Radial
  6. Maximum DC Current: 5 A
  7. Tolerance: ±15%


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