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2324-V-RC 2208 High Current Toroidal, Leaded Inductor

2324-V-RC 2208High Current Toroidal DIP Inductor is a passive electronic device widely used in electronic circuits. It is an insulated coil that is a wire wound on a ring-shaped form that is made of different materials, such as powdered iron, ferrite, or another material.

A toroidal inductor is mostly used where large inductance is required. Toroidal inductors have more inductance per turn and can carry more current than solenoids with a core of similar material and size



High CurrentToroid Inductors 2300 Series Table 


  1. DC/DC converter, EMI filter applications
  2. Low radiation
  3. Low core loss
  4. High current capacity
  5. Horizontal or vertical mount
  6. Low cost
  7. Operating temperature -55 to +105 °C

1,200.00 1,500.00

  1. Series: 2324
  2. Model: 2324-V-RC 2208
  3. Current: 2.4A
  4. Low cost
  5. Operating temperature -55 to +105 °C

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